There’s nothing better than curling up in front of a roaring fire on a cold Missouri night. Listening to the crackling flames, feeling the warmth, and seeing the dancing light on the floors and walls; it’s really quite the sensory experience, and just so relaxing and inviting.

There’s no doubt about it, a fireplace is one of the most beloved features of your home; however, in order to ensure it remains that way, it has to be properly maintained, and having the chimney inspected is a vital part of that maintenance. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), chimneys should be cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year. If you use your fireplace on a regular basis, however, you may need to have it cleaned and inspected more frequently.

During a routine inspection, a certified chimney technician will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the structure. They’ll check all working components, from the crown to the firebox and everything in between to ensure that it’s in good working condition. If any issues are detected, they’ll let you know so that they can be properly addressed. But why do you need to have your chimney inspected? Here’s a look at some of the top benefits that a chimney inspection provides and why you should make it a top priority on your list of things to do this year.

Reduced Risk of Fire

One of the biggest benefits of having your chimney inspected is to reduce the risk of fire. Each time you light a fire, the byproducts of combustion, including highly combustible soot and creosote accumulate in the chimney, increasing the risk of fire. Blockages, cracks, or damage to the flue can also increase the risk of fire. If your chimney is caked with creosote or it’s damaged in any way, a single ember could engulf your chimney – and your entire house – in flames. During a chimney inspection, a certified technician will check for these issues, and if they’re detected, will let you know how they can be corrected. If you’re working with a reputable chimney company, like Ozark Stove and Chimney, in addition to inspecting the structure, we can make any necessary corrections, too.

Reduced Risk of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Some of the byproducts of combustion, like creosote and soot, you can see; others, like carbon monoxide, you can’t. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas. It’s also extremely toxic. When your chimney is functioning properly, carbon monoxide will exhaust out of your home; however, if it’s blocked or damaged, the toxic gas can pour back into your house and create a serious safety hazard. Exposure to carbon monoxide can pose serious risks to your health. A chimney inspection contractor from Ozark Stove and chimney will thoroughly evaluate the structure to make sure that there aren’t any issues that could result in carbon monoxide exposure. If we spot potential problems, we’ll let you know and will promptly make the necessary corrections.

Increased Peace of Mind

Having your chimney inspected by a reputable professional with a trained eye will ensure peace of mind. We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire structure, checking for blockages, cracks, leaks, creosote buildup, and any other issues that could increase the risk of fire and carbon monoxide exposure, as well as reduce the structural stability of your chimney. If any problems are spotted that could potentially put your home and your loved ones in danger, we’ll alert you about the problems so that they can be addressed and corrected before you light your next fire. Knowing that your property and your family will be well-protected while you’re enjoying the warm glow that your fireplace provides will be sure to provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Ready to Schedule Your Annual Chimney Inspection?

If you’re due for your 2023 chimney inspection, contact Ozark Stove and Chimney. Our team of certified, licensed, and insured technicians will thoroughly evaluate your entire chimney to ensure that you and your family can safely enjoy all of the benefits that a fireplace provides. To learn more about our chimney inspection services or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today!