You simply can’t beat the beauty of a masonry fireplace with a warm, crackling fire to sit beside. Research has even found that sitting by a fire is so relaxing, it can actually decrease your blood pressure!

But there’s nothing relaxing about a fireplace that is no longer safe to use or efficiently doing the job it was made to do – which is to heat your home. Did you know traditional masonry fireplaces aren’t built for peak safety and efficiency? In fact, most masonry fireplaces don’t meet current fire and building code standards. Scary, right?

That is why the Prior Fire Retrofit Fireplace System was designed. It essentially uses less air, radiates more heat to provide a safer and more efficient way of heating your home. The amount of research that went into creating this fireplace is actually quite fascinating and worth looking into if you’re searching for the most efficient fireplace.

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How Does Prior Fire Work?

The way most fireplaces are constructed is with wood frames surrounding the firebox. We all know that fire burns hot, but did you know it is possible for a fire to burn so hot that it could actually ignite the wood under or around your fireplace?

One of Prior Fire’s design features is that it has a bottom air channel below the fireplace that allows cool air to enter underneath and travel up behind the back of the brick wall. This cool air turns to warm air as it travels up behind the fire, and then is injected back into the fire directly over the top of it. This keeps the bottom of the fireplace up to 60 degrees cooler than most fireplaces and actually causes a cleaner burn.

Another unique feature is the curve of the rear firebox wall. The fire has to accelerate to go around the shape of the curve, which causes good adhesion and very tall flames. This allows heat to broadcast into a variety of locations, causing more even heat distribution into your living space. Which is another way of saying that it heats your home more evenly and quickly.

Arguably, one of the best things about Prior Fire is it requires a much smaller chimney. That is because traditional fireplaces have many bends in the chimney that the smoke has to maneuver around. Each time it does this, it causes turbulence. Too much turbulence in the chimney is why you might experience smoke spilling out of the front of your fireplace instead.

original infographic stating pros of priorfire

Why Should I Consider Replacing My Existing Fireplace with Prior Fire?

The most common complaints people have about traditional masonry fireplaces include:

  • Poor heat output
  • Smoke infiltration
  • Heat loss
  • High maintenance cleaning of ash and debris

All of which negatively impact the safety and comfort of your home. But, by combining the unique features of Prior Fire listed above, we are able to improve the quality of your fireplace, if not eliminate most of those problems people often experience.

So what kind of benefits does Prior Fire provide?

  • Increase Home Value: Wood burning fireplaces are highly desired, and upgrading your fireplace can increase the resale value of your home. 
  • Use Less Wood: The Prior Fire is up to 3 times more efficient compared to your existing fireplace which means you are able to use less wood while producing more heat.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Because the Prior Fire radiates more heat into your living space, it is less likely you will have to use your furnace as back up to properly heat your home. 
  • Cleaner Air: Eliminates fireplace smoking problems and even burns cleaner, reducing particulate matter, pollution, and creosote.
  • One Size Fits Most: The replacement firebox can be installed in most existing masonry fireplaces. 
  • Easy & Lightweight Engineered Components: Allows for efficient installation by our Prior Fire certified technician providing a less costly repair compared to traditional fireplace firebox rebuilds or wood stove installs. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: In the off chance that you ever experience any problems with your Prior Fire, there is a lifetime warranty guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your new fireplace. 

Who Should I Call for Prior Fire Installation?

If you’re ready to ditch the old masonry fireplace for a new Prior Fire, be sure to give Ozarks Stove and Chimney a call at 417-201-6585. Our team of chimney technicians would be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns, and get you on the schedule for installation. We look forward to serving you!