Do you ever find yourself contemplating life’s many questions and mysteries? How is it possible that dinosaurs once roamed the very same space we exist in now? Why is “Arkansas” pronounced completely differently than “Kansas?” What is the truest and most accurate meaning of life? Or, perhaps, more simply: Will a chimney leak without a cap?

Here at Ozark Stove & Chimney, we may not be qualified to give answers on many of those inquiries, but we can, with certainty, answer the last one: Yes it will.

As the local stove and chimney experts across Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, we are the place to call for all your venting questions and concerns. Worried about the state of your crown as the rainy season approaches? No worries, we can help. Notice that your chimney cap seems to be missing its lid? Give us a call, and we’ll come get it checked out so your system doesn’t experience any leaks.

Schedule with us and learn why homeowners throughout the Ozarks depend on Ozark Stove & Chimney for all their chimney needs. As for why “Arkansas” and “Kansas” are spelled the same but said so differently, we have no idea.

How Does a Chimney Cap Prevent Leaks?

Though it’s on a much smaller scale, and much less is at stake, operating a chimney system without a cap is like living in a home without a roof. Imagine if every room in your house and all of your belongings were out in the open and susceptible to the sun’s rays, animal entry, and, perhaps the worst, rain and snow. Obviously, water damage to your entire home is far more serious (and expensive!) than your chimney system, but it is a similar visual at least. Remember that just because your fireplace requires ventilation, does not mean that it should be completely open to the elements.

Chimney caps are an essential component for every chimney system because, based on their structure and design, they prohibit anything from getting in, while still providing the smoke and toxic fumes a way to get out.

Like many other features of a chimney, caps vary in size, shape, and overall appearance – and oftentimes depend on what kind of chimney you have. (Some caps, for instance, can only be used with masonry chimneys.) But all caps will be sure to protect your chimney flue – no matter what it’s lined with – provided they are the proper fit and are installed correctly.

original infographic on why you need a chimney cap

I Have a Chimney Cap…Why Else Could My Chimney be Leaking?

Perhaps you’ve noticed strange, musty odors coming from your chimney or there is a faint dripping somewhere within the system. You’re puzzled because your chimney has a cap and it appears to be fit properly and is intact. Now, your quandary becomes, “Why is my chimney leaking if it isn’t the cap?” 

Unfortunately, while a faulty or damaged chimney cap is often a large culprit when it comes to chimney leaks, it is not the only suspect. A leaky chimney can be caused by other factors as well. 

Things like:

  • Deteriorated or damaged mortar or masonry
  • Cracked or damaged flue liner
  • Damaged or faulty flashing
  • Damaged or deteriorating crown
  • Damaged or rusted chimney chase cover 

Fortunately, however, many of these common causes of chimney leaks can be avoided when you maintain a regular chimney maintenance schedule. If you live in or near Greene County, MO or Benton County, AR, be sure to call Ozark Stove & Chimney. We can schedule a chimney inspection and work with you to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the functionality and/or prospective maintenance of your chimney.

Can I Fix My Leaky Chimney Myself?

Unless you are confident in your ability to not only know what is wrong with your system, but also how to safely and effectively fix that problem, we do not recommend that you attempt any sort of “DIY leaky chimney repair.”

Chimneys are inherently dangerous, not only because of their precarious placement (i.e. the roof), but also because of the gases and other substances that come into contact with them on a regular basis. Also, because each and every system – just like each and every home – has its unique differences, without professional knowledge and guidance, it might be difficult to discern why your chimney might be leaking, let alone how to go about properly fixing it.

Call Us In – We’re Happy to Help

It’s much better to call on a trusted, experienced, and highly rated chimney service company, like ours, when you notice your chimney might be leaking. Here at Ozark Stove & Chimney, our technicians are certified with the best organizations in the industry and will always serve you with a smile. Book online or give us a call at 417-201-6585 to get started.