Alright, so you just got done binge watching the latest DIY show on HGTV and now you want to tackle cleaning your own chimney. Before you get in over your head, let’s pump the breaks a bit.

Here at Ozark Stove and Chimney, we get a lot of calls from customers who thought they, too, could handle their own chimney cleaning or sweeping. Let us save you the trouble of learning the hard way and show you why this job is best left to our expert technicians. 

Why Is Chimney Cleaning Important?

chimney tech putting a wire sweeping brush into the top of a chimney flueIt’s easy to think that your home’s chimney system is built to stand the test of time without any further care on your part. But, the truth is, just like your car or other major system in your home (like your HVAC setup) need regular maintenance, so does your chimney system.

Many people don’t realize how intricate a chimney system truly is. Whether your chimney system is used with a traditional wood or gas fireplace, stove, or insert, it has different parts that help it keep your family safe while enjoying those cozy fires.

The main purpose of this system is to funnel smoke and other unwanted byproducts outside your home. When you use your fireplace or stove, things like soot and creosote build up inside which can be dangerous. Creosote is a dark, gunky substance that happens to be highly combustible and the leading cause of chimney fires.

Creosote is a dark, gunky substance that happens to be highly combustible and the leading cause of chimney fires… Removing this stuff takes the proper knowledge and tools to ensure that it’s done properly and safely.

This is the number one reason we do not recommend homeowners attempt their own chimney cleaning. Removing this stuff takes the proper knowledge and tools to ensure that it’s done properly and safely.

Plus, you never know what kind of other debris or blackages you may encounter while cleaning your chimney. We had a customer call us after he attempted to do his own cleaning and came across a nest of baby raccoons. Luckily, we were able to send one of our expert techs who was able to safely remove the babies nearby, so the momma raccoon could find them before he finished the job.

How Are Chimneys Cleaned?

The term chimney cleaning can be a little misleading. The term “clean” typically means “free from dirt, marks, or stains.” When you have your chimney cleaned, the goal is to remove any build up of soot and creosote and to also remove anything that could be blocking airflow.

We like to make sure our customers know that when we talk about chimney cleaning – or chimney sweeping, which is the better term – we are referring to the industry standard for ensuring your chimney, fireplace, or stove is safe for you to use, versus a spotless white glove type of cleaning you would expect when having someone clean your home.

When you choose Ozark Stove and Chimney for your chimney cleaning, you can count on a quality job from start to finish.

  1. Our expert chimney technicians will start by going over the process and any questions you may have.
  2. Next, they’ll prep your home with drop cloths and get their equipment ready. We strive to make sure we keep our customers happy and their homes clean while we’re there.
  3. Your tech will then sweep and inspect your chimney and then go over anything they find with you.
  4. If any additional corrective action is needed they can explain the process and can schedule those.
  5. Once they have made sure you’re satisfied, they’ll clean up and be on their way. 

How Often Do I Need to Have My Chimney Cleaned or Swept?

small wire brush going into a clogged venting pipeAt Ozark Stove and Chimney, we have found that having your chimney and home heating appliance cleaned and inspected twice a year is the best way to stay ahead of the game and catch needed repairs before they get worse. At minimum, you should count on at least a yearly sweeping and inspection.

There are times when your chimney may need to be serviced more often. If you use your stove or fireplace a lot, you could easily need to do this a few times a year. A good rule of thumb is to have it cleaned after 36 fires. We also recommend giving us a call right away if you start to notice staining, buildup, or see smoke spilling back into your home. This could signal a potential blockage or that you have too much creosote, debris, and soot building up.

Call Us for Quality Services

Bottom line is that your chimney system is your first line of defense when it comes to being able to use your fireplace or home heating appliance safely and effectively – so booking regular sweepings and cleanings is a must. Since this is a specific job that requires special equipment, it’s a job best left to the professionals like our techs at Ozark Stove and Chimney.

We have been proudly serving the residents of Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas for years. Give us a call at 417-201-6585 or book online with us today. We’re here for all your chimney and fireplace needs.