Heat More for Less Money? Try a Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace

The snow falls softly outside the window. It’s quiet and calm and everyone is together in the same room for once. A fire glows in the hearth. Life is good. Until, all of a sudden, a log splits, sparks fly just outside the fireplace, and everything in the vicinity starts to smell of campfire.

And just like that, as quickly as the family had gathered, everyone is now gone, leaving only you to clean up the mess of ashes and attempt to rid the air of the smoke smell. You love your fireplace, but you’re tired of this mess and all the maintenance. You’re looking for a change.

Fortunately, Central Boiler has just the system products you’re looking for, and here at Ozark Stove and Chimney, we can help you get your hands on the best outdoor furnace for your family’s needs. More than just chimneys and stoves, we’re a top provider of the best heating systems available.

Looking to schedule your annual chimney cleaning or another routine service? We can help with that, too. Serving Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, we’re the place to call for all stove, heating appliances, and other chimney repair and regular maintenance needs. Schedule online or give us a call at 417-201-6585 to learn more about us, as well as our products, services, and installations – and what we can do for you.

Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace
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Need Financing?

Now, Central Boiler outdoor furnaces can be a considerable investment. And although they pay themselves off over time in efficiency and dependability, the upfront costs can often fall out of a homeowner’s price range. But don’t get too disappointed if you fall into that category because we have some great financing options through EnerBank. Reach out now with any questions on applying for this assistance. We’re here and happy to help.

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What Is an Outdoor Wood Boiler?

So, you’re intrigued. You’re ready to look into alternatives to your traditional wood-burning fireplace, but you aren’t exactly sure what options are available. Despite what it may sound like given its name, an outdoor wood boiler does not boil the wood, but rather burns wood to heat (or boil) water.

We proudly supply, install, and service Central Boiler products, the top outdoor wood furnace manufacturer in the industry. All Central Boiler furnace products are designed similarly with a chamber meant to burn wood, biofuel (such as wood pellets, cherry pits, corn, wheat, or barley), and even coal, which heats water located in a sort of jacket surrounding the firebox and heat exchanger.

Utilizing insulated, underground pipes, the heated water is then distributed to the connected buildings, connecting and circulating through your existing heat and water heating systems, providing them with mess-free wood-fueled warmth.

How Does an Outdoor Wood Furnace Work?

Like we mentioned above, an outdoor wood furnace burns wood to heat water. It really is as simple as that. Unlike a traditional indoor fireplace that provides excellent, localized heat, a Central Boiler outdoor furnace has the capability to heat more than one building at a time due to its design and level of efficiency. Depending on your home heating system, once the water has been heated by the Central Boiler outdoor furnace and circulates to your home, it is converted to the appropriate form so that the entire house is warmed centrally.

Central Boiler products are equipped with the proper mechanisms and the ability to convert the produced heat to the appropriate form via water-to-air and water-to-water exchangers or, if your home uses solar collectors, direct circulation.

Two Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace

Much like the structure and function of a traditional chimney/fireplace system, there is a whole lot of science at play behind the appliances that make our homes cozy and livable. We know this stuff can get really complicated, which is why we aim to be as transparent as possible, while still providing you with accurate information – that way you have all you need to make the best choice for your home and family.

All that said, when it comes to understanding how exactly these appliances work, the most important thing for you, the homeowner, to know is that no matter the type of heat – or the way in which it is distributed throughout your home – an outdoor wood boiler is designed to optimize and simplify heat production while still providing you with the convenience of controlling it all right from your thermostat. 

Another bonus? Central Boiler furnaces connect to your water heater meaning that you can enjoy unlimited hot water without the worry of expense. Plus, thanks to these furnaces’ ability to connect to different areas/systems, you can even use them to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.

If you’re still having trouble making sense of these appliances, how they work, and if they’d ultimately be a good fit for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out online. We’d love to chat and see how we can help.

How Efficient Is a Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace?

Did you know that of all the home heating systems one of the most cost-effective options is wood-fueled? And of all the wood-burning heating appliances, an outdoor wood boiler is the most efficient because it uses less wood to heat larger areas.

And not only is wood more environmentally friendly, it is often a cheaper alternative to commonly used fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil. These materials are much harder to obtain and are always susceptible to inflation and out-of-nowhere price hikes. Wood, meanwhile, is reliable and readily available just about anywhere. In most cases, wood is sourced locally – many families even choose to chop and store it themselves! Because of this, the fuel supply costs of ensuring your system always has usable fuel tend to be that much lower.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, responsible forestry actually:

  • helps protect wildlife by pruning the old to make room for the new.
  • aids in preventing wildfires by eliminating the old, dead trees that easily catch fire.
  • reduces the risk of erosion and the destruction of viable watersheds.
  • creates the space for reforestation and a replenishment of flora (and by association, fauna).
Classic Edge Cutaway View

Outdoor Wood Furnace Pros and Cons

Alright, you’re more interested. But, you can’t help but wonder a bit about some of the pros and cons of such a heating system. We understand! Here at Ozark Stove and Chimney, we aim to give you as much information as we can so you can feel confident in making the best decisions about the way you choose to heat your house.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Heats more space with less fuel/wood
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Lowers your heating (and water) bill
  • No smoke (or other smells or messes) in your home
  • Removes indoor fire hazards
  • Ability to convert to various methods of output increases versatility


  • Initial cost of installation can be a significant investment
  • Certain level of maintenance is required for optimal efficiency

To learn more about Central Boiler products and whether or not they’d be a good fit for you and your family’s lifestyle, schedule an appointment online or give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss all your options and lay all the information out, so you have everything you need to make an informed decision. It is your home, heat, and money, after all!

What Is the Best Wood To Burn in an Outdoor Furnace?

When it comes to using wood as a fuel source, there are a couple things to consider when obtaining your firewood. Yes, theoretically, all wood does burn, but if you’re looking for better heat production and overall efficiency, it’s important to understand that not all wood possesses the same properties – and because of this, might not produce the best results.

Wood’s heat production is determined by two things: water and density. Woods that are denser and have a lower sap content tend to make the best firewood. But if they have not been properly “seasoned” (or completely dried out and prepared for burning), the heat created from burning them will spend far more energy working to evaporate the water vapor than it will heating your home (or pool, or hot tub, or shed, etc.)

Thus, no matter what wood you choose to burn, seasoning it first is a must if you wish to optimize your appliance – and who is not trying to do that?

Should I Burn Hardwoods?

Despite their name, hardwoods are not delineated by the end result of their wood being hard and durable – just as softwoods are not weak and malleable. Rather, these terms describe the trees’ physical growing structure and the way in which they reproduce. That said, hardwoods are generally preferred as a fuel source because of their long burn time and dense makeup.

Here are several of most commonly used hardwoods:

  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Maple

Should I Burn Softwoods?

Not usually a popular burning choice for heat because of the smoke production and less heat production, it is still possible to utilize softwoods in your outdoor wood boiler. Some of the most common woods that are popular for burning are:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Larch

Are There Alternatives to Wood for Outdoor Furnaces?

Absolutely. This just depends on the specific model you’re interested in installing. Depending on your preferences, budget, and lifestyle, Central Boiler offers different products to ensure that all of your unique needs are being met.

If you’re not interested in any of the traditional wood-fueled furnace models, perhaps you’d prefer either the Maxim or the Forge outdoor furnace.

  • The Maxim model is designed to run on wood pellets or other naturally acquired biomass materials such as corn, cherry pits, wheat, or barley. Due to its advanced technology and plentiful hopper (it holds up to around 600 pounds of pellets), one fuel load can heat your home and other buildings for several days. Central Boiler also offers an additional external hopper that can hold even more fuel, cutting your reloading/maintenance time and effort even shorter.
  • If you’re partial to the heat volume and depth produced by coal, try out the Central Boiler Forge Outdoor Furnace. You’ll experience the heat quality you love, while ensuring you’re doing so as cleanly as possible.

Questions? Concerns? Wondering what outdoor heating source might be best for you and your family? If you’re located in Benton County, AR, Greene County, MO, or anywhere else surrounding, trust Ozark Stove and Chimney for all your heating needs. Reach out to speak to someone on our team and we’d be happy to learn more about you, your home, and what you’re looking for in a heating system.

How Many Square Feet Will a Central Boiler Heat?

Okay. You’ve decided that an outdoor furnace is the way to go. Congratulations! You’re on your way to saving money! Now comes the more difficult part – deciding the size of the model that best fits your needs and will heat the appropriate square footage. Like everything else dependent on size and area, this is determined by some calculations. However because we’re dealing with energy and output, it’s not as straightforward as simply entering the square footage of the place you’re looking to heat.

Fortunately, Central Boiler has a calculator that helps you determine what size unit would produce the most efficient heat for your needs. Based on the type of fuel you currently use to heat your home and the cost or units used per month, a multiplier is configured and the result of the equation is a number referred to as your “size value.” In the end, the calculator shows you the options that would best suit your setup.

Because this math is not as easy as figuring out your square footage, we know it can be rather challenging to confidently determine what specific model and size of that model would be the most efficient for heating your home. That’s why we’re here. As a proud Central Boiler dealer, our team is well-versed on all of the forms and functionings of their various outdoor wood furnace products. Give us a call and we’d be happy to help in every way we can, including making a trip out to your property and talking through your desires and expectations for your new heating appliance.

How Far Does an Outdoor Wood Boiler Need To Be From My House?

Well, that really just depends on your personal preferences and your intent behind the use of your outdoor wood boiler. What is your ultimate purpose in investing in an outdoor wood boiler? Do you plan to just heat your home? Or, will you maybe use it to heat another building like a workshop or a shed? Will you use it to heat a pool or hot tub? Do you mind if you see the appliance in plain sight, or would you prefer it to be slightly more obscure and blended into the surroundings?

No matter what your ultimate plan is, an outdoor furnace is typically placed anywhere between 30 to 200 feet away from the home or building your heating. However, a Central Boiler outdoor furnace can be located as far as 500 feet away from the building(s)/locations for which it is supplying heat. If you choose to have help with the installation from one of our team members at Ozark Stove and Chimney, we can help you decide the most optimal and appropriate location for your specific property.

How Long Do Central Boiler Systems Last? What Is the Average Life Expectancy?

Much like every other appliance in your home, the life expectancy of any Central Boiler system ultimately depends on your dedication to the maintenance and upkeep of your furnace. If you remain attentive, intentional, and provide it some TLC every once and a while, much like a sturdy, durable masonry chimney, your Central Boiler product could last you many long, reliable years.

All Central Boiler products are created from stainless steel that is enhanced with titanium, making it virtually resistant to corrosion (provided you are utilizing your system properly and responsibly). For added protection, certain furnace models come with the ability to purchase a warranty. If you purchase an E-Classic, Classic Edge, or Classic wood boiler, it has an optional 25-year warranty that includes coverage against any corrosion, while the Maxim (pellet furnace) and Forge (coal-fueled) have an optional 5-year warranty.

With or without the warranty, however, the longevity is ultimately dependent on the effort of the homeowner to keep up with required maintenance and care.

How Much Does It Cost to Put in an Outdoor Wood Boiler?

If you haven’t already guessed, this answer, much like many of our other answers, depends. You have to consider the cost of the system itself, as well as the necessary parts and components and, also, in many cases, the installation.

However, before you go off making calculations and wondering if all that is past your price point, keep in mind that, after establishing a financing plan, your monthly payments could very likely be lower than your current electric bill.

In other words… don’t let the cost deter you. Our team of industry professionals is happy to help make your outdoor heating dream a reality and, as such, we aim to work with you on setting up a payment schedule that best fits your lifestyle and budget. For more information on how we can help your Northwest Arkansas or Southwest Missouri house feel even more like home, give us a call or reach out online today.

Are Outdoor Wood Boilers Worth the Money?

For those looking for an easy alternative to traditional masonry/prefab chimney heating systems and other wood-fueled indoor stoves, we absolutely think so.

Outdoor wood boilers are nearly effortless in their day-to-day maintenance and are designed to make the most efficient use of your time, money, and resources. While the upfront cost might seem steep, the benefits, simplicity, and ease of use far outweigh the initial investment in the long run.

The end result is that your home is safer from the dangers associated with indoor fireplaces, the amount of money you currently spend on wood for your fireplace will keep you warmer for longer, your water bill is basically eliminated, and you can rest assured that your choice of heating is environmentally safe and responsible.

If all that doesn’t sound “worth the money,” we’re not sure what will!

Do outdoor wood boilers save money?

Like we mentioned, in the long run, yes – outdoor wood boilers can save you and your family hundreds. Countless testimonials on Central Boiler’s site boast that after only having their furnace for several years, it has paid for itself twice already in the amount of money they’re saving on what they were previously spending on fuel. In fact, owners of Central Boiler products have reported saving upwards of $500 a month on their electric bills.

Imagine the trajectory of savings over the course of a few years – especially considering the way that wood is more readily available compared to its other fuel source alternatives.

Can I Install a Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace Myself?

Provided you have a general grasp of the knowledge required to hook up some underground pipes and get your new heating system up and running, you can install it yourself. Simplistically designed and thoughtfully procured, Central Boiler outdoor furnaces come with an instruction manual that is easy to follow so that you can set it all up yourself if you so choose. They also have a small DIY resource library on their website with videos, illustrations, and other tools to help you complete the process as seamlessly as possible.

Or, if you’d rather leave all the technical and physical work to someone else, our team of professional chimney sweeps are here and happy to help homeowners located in Greene County, Benton County, Newton County, and more. We have all the materials, accessories, knowledge, and experience to ensure that your wood boiler is installed correctly and set up for success.

Are You Ready for a More Efficient Heating System?

When it comes to outdoor heating appliances, there’s nothing better than a wood boiler. And for the best wood boilers on the market, you want Central Boiler, North America’s number one outdoor furnace manufacturer since 1984. Ozark Stove and Chimney is a proud Central Boiler dealer in the northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri area.

If you’re looking for a better way to heat your home, an outdoor furnace is the way to go and Ozark Stove and Chimney is the place to get it. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 417-201-6585 to learn more about us and what we can do for you. We look forward to working with you.


Before deciding whether you want to add a wood stove to your space, check out our stove gallery for the best options we offer.